Craigslist Advertising Tips

Tips to help you when advertising on craigslist and posting multiple ads.

  1. Use unique titles and ad copy (text) each time you post an ad and there is no need to post the same ad multiple times in the same category. Trust me this will just get your ad flagged by a user real fast. You will be able to renew the ad you post soon to get it back to the top (so don’t worry)
  2. When using an image ad in multiple categories you should have a folder on your computer with multiple copies of the image ad with different file names. Simple copy the image and rename it x10. Now you have 10 unique image ads. So alternate the image name when uploading image ads.
  3. Be sure and ad some text to your image ads. Having 15 or so words on the ad will keep your ad safe from being automatically (assumed) seen as spam by craigslist. Always ad a little text then upload your image. Your professionally designed image ad will steal the show.
  4. If you are using a text only ad, keep it short and to the point. Do not ramble on about irrelevant information. Say what you have, how it helps the reader, and how to get it.
  5. Do not get frustrated when your ad gets flagged, and remember it is not always craigslist flagging your ad. It is a user that flags it. Just repost your ad a few hours later.
  6. Advertise in the right categories for what you offer and where you think your audience is. I sometimes drop an ad in category hoping to reach the people advertising in that category, not necessarily the “people” reading the ads meant for that category. It works for me….
  7. Use a phone number on your image ad if you want to drum up real business. Talking to people by phone is 100x’s more effective in sales than emailing.
  8. Use an image ad when possible. You need  to stand out in this copycat era of marketing and your own branded image ad will show you mean business.
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